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This function compares an old report of queries with a new one. It allows you to identify which queries are new, which have been modified, and which remain unchanged.


check_queries(old, new, report_title = NULL)



Previous version of the queries report.


New version of the queries report. This object is used to determine the status of each query.


Character string specifying the title of the report.


A list consisting of a dataframe containing each individual query from both reports and a column showing the status of the queries (new, solved, miscorrected or pending) compared to the previous query report. In addition to this dataframe, there is also a summary of the total number of queries per category.


# Example of a query
data_old <- rd_query(covican,
                     variables = "copd",
                     expression = "",
                     event = "baseline_visit_arm_1")
data_new <- rbind(data_old$queries[1:5,], c("100-20",rep("abc",8)))

# Control of queries
check <- check_queries(old = data_old$queries,
                       new = data_new)